About us

Parties by Bellas is more than an in-home adult party business, we are a family of Divas that genuinely care about each other and our customers’ desires and needs. When you become a Diva or a host, you join a family of amazing women and men. Our company began due to the amazing sisterhood that was created by the CEO when she was an independent consultant for an adult company that went out of business. The sisterhood that she created due to that company was something she did not want to lose and thus found a way to recreate and develop it through parties by bellas.

We strive to create an atmosphere comfortable for everyone. We at Parties by bellas believe love is love.  We believe no one should be secluded from our parties.


Our mission is to share the Parties by Bellas, LLC experience so that women and men can have the opportunity to own their own business that is affordable and fun. In doing so, you get to share products that will enhance everyone’s life and relationship. Not only will these products strengthen your relationship, you will get great pride and confidence knowing you’re doing the same for others.


Due to the adult nature of these parties and items, you must be 18 or older to shop or be a host/guest at our events.
Your Diva will come with an array of  products we offer for you to explore in the comfort of your home. We will talk, laugh, learn, touch, taste, smell and sample a great variety of the items we have to offer you at Parties by Bellas. Our adult parties are great for many occasions including but not limited to: girls night in, boys nights in, birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal showers, new mom parties, fundraisers, theme parties and so much more. To make you feel as comfortable as possible we are open to catering to any sexual category including couples, co-ed, women only, men, only LGBT… if you think it, we will make it happen!

Don’t see a product you’re looking for? Describe it to your Diva and we can find something for you.


After over two years of great success as an independent consultant, Parties by Bellas founder and CEO, HollyCorbella, decided to venture out on her own and start an in-home party sales company. After a year hiatus that is exactly what she did; Parties by Bellas, LLC launched on February 22, 2017. A Parties by Bellas event is not like any other in home adult party, skilled Diva’s create a unique environment for everyone that is fun, educational and confidential.
Products are demonstrated in-home through a professional manner with a Parties by Bellas Diva. Your Diva will create a comfortable environment for hosts and guests to discuss sexual health, questions, myths and taboos in a group or one on one. You will learn ways to improve communication, rekindle that fire, and create and build stronger relationships with yourself and/or your partner.

Diva Joining

When you join Parties by Bellas you become part of a family. You will be invited to monthly Diva gatherings where we will discuss questions, tips and suggestions between fellow Divas. Divas are also invited to Diva Celebrations which are parties or events for any and all Divas to connect, let loose and have some fun. As a Diva you will build friendships and lasting relationships with each other and even your customers. All the activities are voluntary and offered to anyone who wishes to join. Joining will not only strengthen your relationship but you will get great pride and confidence knowing you’re doing the same for others.
Rules: We have none!!! With that said all divas must use common sense


Hosting a party is free and easy! We thank every host for choosing Parties by Bellas by providing them with free and discounted items. All we need is for you to invite over some friends, family, coworkers, or just about anyone you know. Your Diva will take care of the rest.  Each party is catered to the hosts’ individual desires. Your Diva will educate, while keeping your guests entertained. And don’t forget about the party games. Each party is equipped with 1-3 games pending on the host’s request.