consist of grown people who like to dress in children’s clothes. Mostly common within the male species. Adult babies dress, crawl and use baby bottles all while speaking in that oh so common baby lingo. With a need to be ‘looked after’ adult babies are often looking for that attention that they missed when younger.


getting a bad reputation, usually due to Hollywood portraying it as something it really isn’t. Swinging is actually really safe and surprisingly well structured. With married couples usually taking part. Swinging, otherwise known as sharing, refers to the act of consented ‘partner swapping’ with other willing couples. Proving to be extremely popular. This sexual fetish has been known to save flailing relationships and rekindle lost flames.


refers to the act of dressing in clothes that are usually designed for the opposite sex. Creating a sense of escapism mixed with erotica. This fetish is in no way related to your sexual preference but only to what you find gives you the best sexual pleasure. Usually only identified with the boys. Cross dressing is also a sexual fetish for many women out there. Who find the act of dressing in men’s clothes erotic and extremely sensual.


Claiming the top spot for the most common fetish that doesn’t include genitalia. The foot fetish is solely aroused by one thing. Feet. But not just feet. Socks, shoes , stockings, sandals and anything else that can be put onto a foot. Also partial to a good toe suck. People with a fondness for the foot are a regular occurrence.


With smoking always carrying a sense of ‘coolness’ about it, people tend to forget the important fact that it can actually kill you. However putting that aside for the moment. Smoking has been shown to show masculinity and self confidence. Appealing to both men and women, the cigarette itself can also be taken for a metaphor in the form of a phallus or long slender fingers. The daring kind even take it that step further by using the smoke and cigarette on the genitalia area.


Domination and submission otherwise known as bondage or sadomasochism. Is a fetish geared towards control and obedience. Again with consent being the key word. The practice is exceptionally safe with trust and the all important ‘safe word’ being a main issue. With books like 50 Shades of Grey bringing it into the mainstream it is a lot more common than one would think…


With leather and latex often associated with the fetish world and leather bars popping up all over the place. The material is extremely sensual to both genders. With pants, corsets, chaps and the oh so famous leather gimp mask becoming a necessity for some. The leather and latex game can be a lot of fun.


Ever admired a bridge or beautifully built building? Ever stared at a clock tower that little too long? Ever looked at the Statue of Liberty and felt an overwhelming desire to have sex with it? Well Agalmatophilies do and often. Referring to the sexual desire of inanimate objects. Agalmatophiles have been known to fall in love with statues, bridges and famous monuments with even cases of marriage between human and object. Hardcore


Considered one of the most sexual of fetishes. Spanking not only arouses but also asks a number of other questions. Opening a vault of psychological issues. Linking back to our childhood, the idea of spanking can remind us of being told off or scorned as a youngster. For many this can be a turn on connecting also to the idea of domination and submission.


Ever stolen anything and felt a slight twinge of excitement? With the sensual feeling of stealing and taking without the owners consent. Kleptotlagiacs are instantly turned by on by the thought of stealing from complete strangers. Usually more of a solo act, the practice then includes masturbating or pleasuring oneself while holding the stolen items.

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