APPR01 Pride Candle Birthday Cake 


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Pride Candle Birthday Cake  Call it birthday cake, call it wedding cake, maybe call it cupcake, it will not matter. One whiff of this candle and you will be hooked. Lots of buttery, creamy, and vanilla notes make our Birthday Cake Candle irresistible. Give the gift that keeps giving, Candles! The Jars and Tins have been selected for their quality and beauty. These candles make the perfect gift to send to a friend or loved one. The warm and homey candle scent feels like a Birthday Party happened, and you did not have to clean up! Sit back and relax and blow out your candles. Made hand poured soy wax. Hand Poured Small Batch Candles: if you have had a love of candles from such a young age. They have always represented an element of calming spaces and making any room feel luxurious as its bathed in candle light. Candles hold power and contribute to the energy in any room. Size 2 inches by 2 inches. 4 ounces. Tin package. Never leave a candle when it is burning. Safety first! Candles bring a sense of peace and harmony to spaces and I want to share that with the world. This endeavor allows me to pour my heart into something that can bring happiness to others. Look at how a single candle can both light and define the darkness – Anne Frank. Categories: Erotic Body Lotions, Health & Beauty, Candles, Aromatherapy. 2022.


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