Classy Vibe EIS16532

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Vibrations Clitoral Stimulator is the best Vibrator of all time with 110 combination options. Let it hunt you down! Like an elegant panther on the hunt for the next climax, graceful and powerful, this mysterious pleasure giver in silky matte black glides through the night for you. Its objective: Your love bead. Once it has targeted its prey, there is no escape, because it is insatiable! Thanks to 11 classic pressure wave intensities and additional vibration function, it waits patiently until the perfect moment arrives. Then it grabs you passionately, caresses your hot spot and overwhelms you with unforgettable orgasms, climax is unavoidable. It purrs contentedly like a gentle kitten as you press against it in ecstasy, forgetting the world around you. The new Vibration will make all your dreams of desire come true. Successor to the pressure wave vibrators popular around the world, the Vibration offers a new design and additional vibration function. It combines intensive, non-contact pressure wave clitoral stimulation with a sensually vibrating lay on head. In the inner area, the silky smooth silicone ring changes rapidly between suction and pressure pulses in 11 intensity settings, creating the explosive feeling of oral sex. Meanwhile the edge of the ring around your clitoris massages you with 10 different, tingling vibration settings. The two functions can be controlled separately, meaning that there is a total of 110 combination options for you to discover. Regardless of the option you choose, unforgettable orgasms are guaranteed, especially thanks to the ultra soft head which nestles very gently around your love bead.The head, made from skin friendly silicone, has also been optimized. It is now bigger and wider so that it can surround your clitoris even more effectively, allowing you to forget the world while it provides you with stimulation ranging from tender to intense in 11 exciting steps. With super soft cap In addition, the second motor offers you 10 sensual vibration settings controlled with a separate button. Thanks to the countless combination options, you will always find the level that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Manufacturer’s warranty.

4 reviews for Classy Vibe EIS16532

  1. Holly

    It’s very rare for me to have multiple orgasms and this thing makes it happen every time. The suction has a lot of different pressures making foreplay an awesome teaser. And forget the massage/vibrator. It will bring you right o we the top at the end. If you don’t already have it. You definitely need to get one NOWWWW!!!

  2. Holly

    I have never had multiple orgasms until this toy!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Holly

    My wife loves this toy…..

  4. Holly

    Above Comments are all emailed to me when we had this product tested by customers… thanks for the feedback

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