HO2107 Dicky Big Gulp Sports Bottle 16oz


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Color Options : Red , Purple or Blue


Dicky Big Gulp Sports Bottle is available in five colors: Blue, Purple and Red Each sold separately. Get lots of giggles when you tote around this big pecker to the next picnic or sporting event you attend! Translucent plastic penis features a sizable girth to wrap your hands around, big balls on the base, raised veins on the slightly curved shaft, and a handy straw in the head. Perfect for re hydrating and shock value at the same time, this functional gag gift will make those hot summer days even hotter! Color: Purple. Type: Water Bottle / Gag Gift. Material: Plastic. Special Features: Straw Included. Shown as a group, sold as an only one. Dicky Big Gulp Sports Purple Bottle from Hott Products Unlimited. 18


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