SH3003 Edible Sensual Body Powder 5.2 ounces Multi Flav



Raspberry Filling
Honey of the Nymphs

Erotic Art Sweet Snow Sensual Body Powder Similar to Honey Dust. Surprise every kiss with a taste of nature’s sweetest gift – honey! Easy to use. Dust it on yourself and your lover, leaving a silky soft glow, a delicate fragrance and an irresistible taste. Make a sweet dessert out of your partner. Sprinkle this exciting flavor all over your partner’s body. Softly, use the feather to tease the skin and make your partner shudder all over. Then, treat yourself to dessert! A sensual treat. The ultimate in sensational foreplay, Sweet Snow body powder allows the receiver to feel the arousing tickle of a pheasant feather duster, while the user gets to enjoy the deliciously decadent sweetness of this edible treat. Presented in a beautiful canister, the satiny black bag holds a generous amount of powder, which can be applied wherever it is desired with the handcrafted duster. Lickable and sweetly scented, this elegant addition to your lovemaking will arouse and delight. Flavor: Honey of the Nymphs. Type: Edible Body Powder. Ingredients: Modified Starch, Corn Starch, Baked Honey, Aspartame, Natural and/or Artificial flavors. Sweet Snow Sensual Body Powder Honey of the Nymphs from Shunga Erotic Art.


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