ONVL474 Massage Lotion Lavender Vanilla 4.2oz



Massage Lotion Lavender Vanilla 4.2oz. Luxury pheromone infused massage oil plus lotion. Beautiful unique scents with special hyperglide. Provocative, combinations of exotic fruits and florals make up each rich, complex erotic scent. They use a blend of Soybean, Safflower, Apricot and Vitamin E oils as the base, with Rosemary Oil as a natural preservative and Tea Tree Oil to soothe and inhibit microbial bacteria. Longer lasting a special hyperglide adds a touch of silicone so that your massage oil or lotion will stay on the surface of your skin longer than typical massage oils. Made using all natural ingredients. pheromone infused to make both partners feel attractive and take their turn on to a new level. Each arousing formula is pheromone infused to enhance that already there sexual wildfire between you both,and take it to the next level. The collection includes provocative scent recipes using earthy florals, forbidden fruits and a little bit of magic that will make your mind and body travel somewhere so exotic you will not want to leave. You will have plenty of time to caress your favorite curves and make the moment last because they have included a special hyperglide to all of our luxury oils and lotions.


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